WWT and RSPB have written an open letter to ‘shooting organisations’ (BASC, BGA, CA, CLA, GWCT, MA, NGO, SACS, SLE – but apparently not SGO) calling for them to join in a call for a statutory end to the use and sale of lead shotgun ammunition.

The letter has two fine jokes in it where WWT and RSPB say they were ‘impressed by your joint declaration of 24 February 2020 in which you called for complete voluntary phasing out of UK use of lead shotgun ammunition for game shooting over five years‘ and then ‘We note and appreciate the considerable efforts you have made since your call for a voluntary phasing-out of lead shot to raise awareness, debunk mistaken objections to switching to non-toxic shotgun ammunition and to demonstrate to shooters the practicality of switching‘.

Let’s see how quickly these nine organisations sign up to the call for a ban. When do you think the first one will sign up?

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