Since the passing of our son, I have been slowly getting back into my passion.  The Wind River Range has been calling me for years and I found this location roughly a year ago at this time.  Being an independent contractor, I could not throw my clients to the wind and leave.  So, I said, “I’ll go next year.”  Well, it’s next year and even with the passing of our son, I still needed to go.  I am beginning a “new chapter” in my photography.  I call it, “Adventure Photography”, meaning I find and go to a place I have never been and challenge myself to get 1, 2 or three images I really like.  The Wind River trip is the start of my new quest.  Please let me know how I did….  I would appreciate your communication.

It is truly an amazing place and I am glad I went!  This was a research trip for me and I will definitely go back next year!  Unbelievable beauty!  If any of you out there are as adventurous as I am, please contact me.  I would love to hear from you, even if you don’t want to go.

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