The Shooting Times published an article in February where a regular columnist wrote about going out one day in January and shooting 10 species in a day – the ‘Perfect Ten’.

Wild Justice reported this activity to DEFRA (see this Wild Justice blog) and have updated the situation (see this Wild Justice blog) with the remarkable news that the columnist has told Essex Police that some of the article, in fact the very pieces of the article that Essex Police were keen to discuss, was made up, false, not true, just a story, fictional, and that the Jay and Carrion Crow which made up two of the Perfect 10 were pulled out of the freezer rather than shot in the wild on that day.

Wild Justice has asked the Shooting Times for a detailed correction – see this Wild Justice blog. Who could have thought that what one reads in the Shooting Times might not be completely accurate?

Presumably the correction when it comes will re-name the article as the Imperfect Eight?


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