This book was published last year but I missed it, and it is now, since Thursday, out in paperback so that’s my excuse to review it. I like it.

It’s a book about Water Voles and their conservation and recovery, and about a biologist, the author, who has worked on that task for over a decade. I don’t see Water Voles very often these days but in my youth they were common and we all took them for granted.

This book is jokingly honest about the thrills and frustrations of fieldwork – it’s honest but not heavy. Those of us who have properly studied wild animals know that it is hard work even if it looks a little bit as though you are out birdwatching – the author gets that across very well. I think he gets many things across well; how cute Water Voles are, how frustrating when your equipment goes wrong, the elation when studies and conservation projects go well. He also describes bumping off American Mink in a way that is moving and authentic.

If, like me, you missed this book last year then grab a paperback copy now and treat yourself to a good read.

The cover? Yep, that’s a river, looks quite an attractive one and it clearly has some wildlife, I like it. I’d give it 8/10.

Elegy for a River: whiskers, claws and conservtion’s last, wild hope by Tom Moorhouse is published by Penguin.

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