Spent two days on the prairies of southwest Minnesota this weekend.   I was looking to capture the beauty that exists and I somewhat succeeded.  I went to Touch the Sky, Prairie Coteau, Hole in the Mountain, Mound Springs, Yellow Bank Hills.  Touch the Sky was good on the north side, Prairie Coteau is good but I find it hard to photograph, Hole in the Mountain was beautiful on Sunday morning!!!!!  Calm and beautiful sunrise, but I hate the windmills……..  Yellow Bank Hills – didn’t stay long.  Mound Springs, need to go back there.  Saw and photographed my first western kingbird, but it was sitting on a fence  Blah…..    Then I needed to photograph the Ball Cactus and I won’t tell you where that is.  It is in one and only one place in Minnesota.  While doing that, I was obviously close to a Common Nighthawk nest; never found it but this Nighthawk poised so well for me on a big granite rock that I had to photograph her!  I could not believe my luck; just amazing.

Great trip will always go back.

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