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It is difficult to feel very worked up about the reshuffle. It is a reshuffle of a pack of knaves and jokers.

At DEFRA, George Eustice remains – I feel more favourable to Mr Eustice than do many. It’s not as though I can imagine myself ever voting for him but he has served a long period of time as Agriculture Minister of State at DEFRA, and now as Secretary of State, and he resigned from his ministerial position (and was later reappointed) over a matter of principle, namely Brexit. As I say, I disagree with him on many things, but I see him as someone who has demonstrated some commitment to his beliefs and has done his best to serve the public interest as he sees it. I don’t agree with him, but I see him as a fairly worthy occupant of his current government position.

Also at DEFRA the smiling Rebecca Pow departs to be replaced by Joe Churchill, who also smiles by the look of things.

Like many I cannot fathom Liz Truss’s meteoric rise to one of the principal offices of state at the Foreign Office. Boris Johnson must like cheese an awful lot.

Truss was a terrible DEFRA Secretary, voted by you, and hasn’t shone that brightly, in my opinion anywhere. Look out Switzerland, France and Germany – the cheese monitor is in charge of foreign policy.

Talking of ex DEFRA ministers, what about the infinitely cuddly and sympathetic Therese Coffey – she keeps her job in the caring department of Work and Pensions.

Ms Coffey is ‘entirely happy’ about cutting universal credit by £20/week but that may be because she demonstrated that she doesn’t understand how it works. Well, why should she understand it? It’s only a contentious policy from her government and her department. Knowing what you are doing has never been so lightly prized by a Prime Minister, so she stays.

It is so difficult, as to be impossible, to feel any pity for Gavin Williamson’s complete removal from government. The wonder is that he remained around for so long.

And Dominic Raab may find it easier to take his holidays in the Ministry of Justice although it is felt by many that he deserves even more time off.

I notice that my MP, Tom Pursglove, will be working for Mr Raab as a new MoJ Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, but he is ‘shared’ with the Home Office and the charming Priti Patel. Congratulations to him, but it sounds like a tough gig, working under two of the most loathed Cabinet Ministers. Still, I’m sure he’ll cope and learn a lot.


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