I haven’t posted for a while because of two reasons.  First, the summer the doldrums and two we just got back from the Olympic National Park in Washington.  As a family(our son lives in Seattle) we toured Olympic and hit the major spots.  Hurricane ridge, Hoh rain forest, Ruby Beach and Quinault Lodge.  Great trip, but I truthfully came away underwhelmed.  The Hurricane ridge was good but the Hoh rain forest was a disappointment.  So was Ruby beach.  There was hundreds of people.  It would have been very difficult to get an image. 

Please don’t underestimate my how grateful I was to be there, for me, it was both a family trip and research.  I do want to go back and research other areas, but unless you spent a great deal of time on obtaining a specific image, it would be difficult to go there.  You need to know exactly what you want your image to be, where to get it and then be there at the time of year that will get you that image.  I will go back but there are other geographic areas I would love to explore first.


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