Mountain Hare looking conspicuous in the Peak District. Photo: Brian Leecy

Mountain Hares are native to Britain and Ireland, unlike Brown Hares, so we should look after them.

This very recent paper;

… which is public access has an arresting title and the text looks pretty convincing to me. Grouse moors not great for Mountain Hares in the Peak District. Read the paper, look at the data and linger on Table 2 which shows us that Mountain Hares like bogs, and they like Restored Bogs better than Unrestored Bogs, but that even Unrestored Bogs are better than Grouse Moor Bogs (or just read the Abstract to get the same message but I need to look at the data for peace of mind).

This may not come as a surprise because there are long term data from another part of the UK entirely, northeast Scotland, that strongly suggest that grouse moors are poor for Mountain Hares – see Mountain Hares close to extinction on NE Scotland grouse moors, 14 August 2018.

The GWCT disagrees with both these findings but their research methods have received a thorough kicking here – what do you think?

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