I like a good croissant – don’t you? Thursday mornings are now ASDA delivery mornings chez-nous, comme d’habitude. A wide variety of deliverymen (and yes, they have all been hommes to date) arrive in our early morning slot and deliver some of what we ordered. This is a covid-legacy pour nous. There is a minimum order price each week and un jour we will forget to cancel the six bouteilles de vin rouge de Rioja that maintain our slot until we have time to give it more thought on a mercredi soir.

De temps en temps we order four croissants for our petit déjeuner, as a treat – we know how to live a little. If you have got into this grocery delivery allouette, as we have, then you’ll realise that if an item is unavailable, the delivery usually has the supermarket’s guess as to a suitable alternative. ASDA didn’t have four croissants to give us, c’est la vie, but they did have a pack of six, so we took them.

One of my reasons for getting groceries delivered is that I guess it must be greener for a few delivery vans to trundle around the rues et boulevards de ma ville than for us all to drive to the shop individually. I’d guess that’s vrai wouldn’t you?

On examination, j’ai vu that our croissants had been baked in France, that was quite surprising, and that they were individually wrapped en plastique, which they most certainly were…

… and that the wrapping, which was quite a lot, was non-recyclable…

I note with interest the instruction NOT to recycle rather than an apology that one cannot recycle the wrapping. It’s a shame, but clearly the wrapping allows the date on the wrapping to be 14 August, still two weeks away, and those croissants didn’t reach 1 août let alone 14 August. The croissants were fine but quite a long way from the days of doing fieldwork in France where a stroll to the local boulangerie for freshly-baked baguettes and croissants was part of the experience, along with the Bee-eaters and driving on the wrong side of the road.

But that’s just a petit souvenir des temps passés and we should be concerned about not just the quality of the food that arrives at our door but also the sustainability of the packaging. I wonder what would happen if I returned all items ordered that were not wrapped in recyclable wrappings? Or maybe if I returned the unrecyclable wrappings and boxes and cartons the following week? Je vais devoir y réfléchir.


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