This past weekend, my wife and I took a trip up to Lake of the Woods to find the Federally Threaten Piping Plover.  We did not find any!  There was one nesting bird last year and this year, there are none.  I will try again next year, but I do not hold out hope.  They may be gone from MN all together.  That area has had more rain and Lake of the Woods is rising quickly.  We did find a small nesting colony of Common Terns (Common Terns are not so common in MN anymore, it is listed as state threatened) on a very small strip of an exposed sandbar.  The next day when we went back there, the birds were being flooded out.  The water was rising that fast.  I did manage to come away with some images, nothing that I would call great, but it was fun to be out there.  

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