On roughly July 6th, I happened to find a Killdeer nest.  Not knowing when the eggs had been laid, myself along with a couple of friends made the journey to the nest every other day.  After some time, we became a little worried that the eggs were not hatching.  We already thought that this nest was a re-nest due to the amount of rain Minnesota had received in the spring and early summer.  So, on July 30th, we once again made our journey to the nest to “check on things.”  To our surprise and relief, three of the four eggs hatched.  Immediately, we made plans to “be here in the morning”.  So, we were there before sunrise and waited until it warmed up and we witnessed the fledging of three baby Killdeer.  The lighting was not perfect, but it was really cool to witness.  For me, this adventure now comes to a close.  I hope you enjoy these images.

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