It’s now safe for all to subscribe to Birdwatch magazine – the best birders’ magazine in the UK – as I have written my last regular column after an unbroken 10-year stint. No longer might you turn the page and see my smiling and slightly sweaty face (from a photo taken at the Bird Fair (remember the Bird Fair?) many years ago). No longer might you be told what a disaster Brexit will turn out to be for wildlife. No longer will you be encouraged to write to your rather useless Tory MP. I am expecting a massive hike in readership numbers as a result of my decision but … who knows … I may be back one day with a few guest articles …

Elsewhere in the pages of October Birdwatch there is news about rare birds and a very good article about identification of American thrushes – it can’t be very difficult, lots of Americans can do it.

I enjoyed reading Dominic Mitchell’s very brave suggestion for the next addition to the British list – he won’t have got it right because this is a very difficult thing to predict – and I will now read his column first of all when I get Birdwatch rather than second after my own.

And Mike Alibone made a very brave journey from land-locked Northants to bob around on some Scilly pelagics. It’s some time since I’ve done that and I fancy doing it again.

The World Land Trust tell us how saving land in South America is good for North American birds – some of which might make the mistake of flying over here – and what a good job the WLT and their partners do too (but I am just a little biased as Chair of Trustees, perhaps).

Cracking magazine and I will continue to read it avidly and with great pleasure.


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