The Nature Conservancy in Washington is looking for a freelance writer to create content pieces for web, print, social media and other marketing and fundraising channels. Assignments will be diverse and flexible with the writer interviewing staff, partners and others to create compelling storytelling that builds support for our work.

Desired qualifications

Beyond a writer who is accurate, timely, self-managing and creative, we seek the following:

  • Experience explaining science, conservation and other complex topics to general audiences

  • Demonstrated experience with storytelling through an equity-centered lens that authentically establishes, nurtures, and sustains relationships; prioritizes a collaborative partnership in co-creating/shepherding a story; creates and works toward shared objectives; and defaults to asset-based framing

  • Writing that advances equitable conservation and builds a stronger, more inclusive environmental movement.

  • Inclusive approach incorporating TNC, partners, communities and Indigenous perspectives

  • Responsive to feedback and requested edits

  • Creative and flexible, considering a variety of storytelling tactics such a infographics

Desired availability

We hope to use a writer over a period of time so that they can become more deeply familiar with our work, staff, partners, voice, point of view and style.

After a successful initial assignment, writer can expect at least four assignments a year. Assignments will generally involve interviewing, basic research to understand the topic and TNC’s role and creating multi-channel output (e.g., email content, social media posts). We strive to give ample turnaround time, knowing writers juggle multiple projects. But we may request a short-turnaround.

Pricing/ Payment

We are open to payment per word, per project or per hour.


Writer will be an independent contractor and must have a business license. Respond to with writing experience and samples.

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