There have been rumours of this for quite a while but this news is very disappointing.

The account on the website is very apologetic and rightly so, I think, as this will feel like a let down for many supporters of the project. I have heard that as well as some local birders’ being uneasy there have been land-owning and shooting interests leaning on some members of the family on this issue. That might not be true, but it is the word on the street – several streets in fact.

I wonder what will happen as Isle of Wight birds continue to visit Ken Hill and get attached to it…?

Top predators are part of our natural ecology – it’s only because they were ripped away from us so long ago that the Brits have such suspicion of restoring a more natural ecology.

The scare stories about any reintroduction are pretty extreme, whether it be eagles or Beavers, and they happened back in the fairly distant past when Red Kites were brought back too. We should have more confidence in nature taking its course, and listen less to vested interests spreading scare stories. Fear of the unremembered holds us back very often in nature conservation.


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