Following on from this morning’s blog, here is the court order. I may get it framed and put it in the loo. You’ll see from this that the RSPB did not, in the end, apply for permission to appeal whereas I did and was turned down – this is entirely normal as one is asking the judges who made a judgment to grant permission for it to be appealed. They don’t often say yes. The Law is a strange place.

I can still decide whether to raise more funds and go to the Supreme Court. I’m interested in your views but I’m leaning towards not doing so. The wider context means that it ought, if anyone, to be the RSPB that follows this through to the bitter end – or the glorious victory – but they have decided not to do so.

Why does the RSPB have to cough up £10k whereas I ‘only’ have to find £5k? Because the RSPB is an organisation and I am a private individual. Remember, this case was started long before Wild Justice came into being.

For those interested in reading the full judgment – it’s not very long (despite taking over nine months to arrive), and it is fairly comprehensible to the lay person – click here.

I’ll be looking very carefully at the ‘science’ that NE gets out of this trial…

Photo: Gordon Yates

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