The Washington Board of Trustees approved a resolution in support of the climate-change provisions in two major pieces of federal legislation, the bipartisan infrastructure package and the budget reconciliation bill, known as the Build Back Better plan.

As Congress seeks to reach agreement on both bills before the end of the month, we are calling on our elected leaders and on the business community to advocate for the strong investments we need to protect our future.

The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, the global climate emergency is an existential threat to lives and livelihoods everywhere on Earth;  

WHEREAS, the United States Congress is debating a robust package of climate and environmental investments in the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the budget reconciliation bill;  

WHEREAS, the urgency of swift, bold, equitable action to counter the effects of climate change has only increased, and the United States must act decisively to meet our commitment of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 under the Paris Agreement;  

BE IT RESOLVED that the Washington Chapter of The Nature Conservancy’s Board of Trustees urges Congress to pass the ambitious and robust emissions reduction and climate change resilience provisions of the infrastructure and reconciliation packages to uphold our country’s global commitments and safeguard a more sustainable and just future for nature and people. 

You can speak up for the strongest possible climate investments in these pieces of federal legislation, too. Click the button below to contact your senators and representative in Congress and urge their support today.

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Banner photo by Weston Toll

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