Yesterday morning, this petition to the Welsh Senedd was on 600 signatures, I was the 601st, but today it has increased fivefold. It closes on 4 August, which is Wednesday. All petitions with 10,000 signatures are considered for debate in the Senedd and that would be great although it seems a big ask to get another 6705 signatures in four (or five) days. But all I can do is to promote it and see what happens – already it is an impressive score for Welsh petitions. And all you can do is to read the petition and see whether you’d like to see it debated as a way of moving things forward on this issue – and then I hope you will sign it and find a way to promote it too.

A big shout out to Robert Curtis the petitioner from Barry in South Wales and the small conservation volunteer group, Barry Action.

Note to all petition sites: could you please state clearly whether a petition will close on the first second of the date it closes or the last second of that date, please. It makes a difference when you get this close to the end!


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