Spent a couple of days in the Badlands of South Dakota chasing a few target species; Swift Foxes, Prairie Dogs and Burrowing Owls.   I was successful on all three species, but my burrowing owls came up short as to quality.  They were very skittish and I only got a few shots at a very long way away, but I did get my first ever photos!  You won’t find them on this website due to the quality, but I have made plans to go back and work on a different approach. 

Added bonus of having a storm come through and I had left the prairie because I did not want to be stuck out there.  So I came into town and went out on the road and found a good overlook.  Turned out, it went mostly north of me but got some good images; very cool to watch the storm roll in.

Sturgis was going on at the time and were there bikers.  There were motorcycles everywhere; I heard there were over 1.8 million people for the 75th anniversary.  Chatted with several and they were very nice people coming from all over America.  Even one from Poland. Wow.

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